TV Guide Targets Canine Demographic

bathlessblogTVDog owners are notorious for shocking their friends when they tell them the lengths they will go to keep their dog comfortable. It’s not rare to hear that dog owners will leave their television or radio on to accompany their dogs while they go to work. A television broadcasting show, DogTv has identified the niche and has taken their programming “to the dogs”.

Currently broadcasting in San Diego, the cable program has removed high frequency and sudden sounds that could irritate or startle dogs and replaced them with more soothing dog lullabies. The higher definition in larger screens has made it possible for dogs to recognize images in contrast to analog tv where “dogs could only see a flickering screen”. The program goes even as far as changing the hues since “Dogs can see blue and yellow, but not red or green… so colors are altered for DogTV too.”

The programming goes even further. Dog owners can even go as far as socializing their dogs with other dogs because there are segments that expose them to other dogs. This type of stimulation can alleviate a dog’s boredom when their humans go to work and keep them from eating the sofa. Another series of segments is especially dedicated to relaxing your dog: “Relaxation segments feature sleeping dogs and nature scenes – like the slugs – accompanied by dog lullabies.”

The Escondido Humane Society, has even tested the program and their testimonial states: “We handle 5,000 animals a year. We get high-energy, big dogs that need to calm down. When we plugged it in, we saw almost immediate results,” said development director Jean Loo-Russo. The programming essentially calms pets down.

As dogs enter the world of virtual reality with their humans, do you think we need to worry about our four legged children becoming addicted to television?.

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