Total Pet Spa on Home Shopping Network (HSN)

Bathless Pet Spa is excited to announce that The Total Pet Spa collection will be coming to the Home Shopping Network in May! HSN viewers will see this revolutionary product that makes pet grooming hassle-free. Designed for both dogs and cats, this unique product line was created to be a simple, bath-less grooming tool kit for pet owners. Created by pet lover and entrepreneur Alicia Dionne, the Total Pet Spa’s efficiency lies in it’s specially-crafted brush and pad combination. The easy-to-use brush attachment latches quickly onto the pad attachment, allowing pet owners to remove dirt, bacteria and other components from their pets’ coats.

Perfect for both dogs and cats, the Total Pet Spa solution ensures that grooming will never be difficult again. When you purchase a Total Pet Spa kit or bundle, you will receive the handy brushes and attachments. You will also receive a package of cleaning pads made from the same material used for facial cleansing pads to remove dirt and oil. These cleansing pads are effective and leave your pet smelling fresh. Restock on these unique cleansing pads with the Total Pet Spa refill kit.

So, before the Total Pet Spa comes to pet owners on HSN, make sure you pick up your kit here and start grooming your pets the better way!

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