Services for People and their Dog-Equivalents You Probably Were Not Aware Existed

If you’re a dog or cat owner, chances are, you treat your pet as another child. It is of little wonder why safely concludes that the pet-services industry is considered nearly recession proof after drawing from legitimate sources such as Forbes, Business Week and the American Pet Products Association to show that pet expenses are not something that pet parents cut costs on in times of economic downturn.

According to APPA, American pet owners will spend nearly $60 billion in 2014, in the caretaking of their pets. These earnings suggest that there’s a healthy market for innovation in the pet industry that will continue to cater to a pet’s sense of comfort, luxury, and even vanity.  These advances render human-inspired pet products nearly unrecognizable from their human counterparts. Can you spot which one is which?


Airbnb and DogVacay

Airbnb has become a trusted affordable alternative for travelers who either do not want to splurge for a hotel, or want to board in a location more convenient for their vacation hotspot.

It’s a win/win situation for both home owners and travelers, but now dog lovers can jump in on the opportunity to make some extra side income as well. offers dog owners the same versatility. Just type in your zip code and you get instant access to a myriad of host families and compare their rates at a glance. You can now travel with the peace of mind knowing that your four legged child will board with a caring host family and prevent him from staying at a pee-ridden crate at a puppy hotel.


Human Braces and Dog Braces

DogwBraces-01It’s what sixth grade nightmares are made of— braces. These highly functional but uncomfortable dental devices have been, for better or for worse, available for dogs for some time now. Braces for dogs can run anywhere from $1000-$1500, but unfortunately, if your dog feels unconscious about the way he looks when he smiles, there is no Invisalign equivalent yet. However, an inventor from Sweden has recently produced a dog bite mouth guard, which looks strikingly similar to those Invisalign braces, that allows for the normal S Unfortunately this contraption is not for sell yet.


Baby Chairs and Bailey Chairs for Dogs

Upon first glance, these “baby chairs for dogs” seem adorable but they actually serve a pragmatic purpose. Dogs with megasaphugus don’t have the muscle tone in their intestine to properly digest the food they consume. These bailey chairs allow gravity to assist their digestion.  They come in various shapes and sizes so that your dog can cozily fit in his or her chair.


Twitter for humans, Twitter for dogs

Cats are known to have a sassy attitude. As if there body language were not enough, both dogs and cats are learning how to talk and their taking up social media by storm. Mark Zuckerberg’s dog Beast likes to post status updates on the day to day joys of being a dog. Henri, le chat noir (the black cat) likes to vlog about his “existential musings [as] an angst-filled cat”. And Oprah Winfrey, 50 cent’s dog, likes to tweet about his latest partying escapades. These dogs can teach us a thing or two about social media branding.


Nail Polish and Hair Dye

Grooming services are now offering paint polish and playful colored streaks for your dogs. There’s even hair dye for pets at your local groomers shop. While you can choose some tasteful streaks to dye your poodle’s coat, you can also have him transform into a different species altogether.

It seems like the modern day canine and feline are becoming more vocal and enjoying the modern day luxuries of excess at a higher frequency.





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