Total Pet Spa Cleaning Kit

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Product Description

The Total Pet Spa is a revolutionary way to clean your pets without water. This unique hand grip is easy to hold and features unique bristles that both massage and clean your pet. The hand grip includes a moist cleaning pad that locks gently to trap fur, dirt and other particles commonly found on pets. These cleansing pads are thick pads made from material that is utilized in the cosmetic industry. Our pads contain five times the solution as the standard pet wipe, allowing for more efficient cleaning. The solution used in these cleansing pads is unscented and made from natural ingredients. Say goodbye to fur on your clothing and unpleasant pet odors without a bath! The Total Pet Spa allows you to save time and money. This patented product removes germs and odors with ease. It is a simple solution that any pet owner will love.

The Total Pet Spa includes:

  • 1 Contoured Hand Grip
  • 1 Arched-Bristled Brush Attachment
  • 1 Patented Lift and Cleaning Attachment
  • 1 Starter Pad Pouch(3X)

2 reviews for Total Pet Spa Cleaning Kit

  1. Derek
    5 out of 5


    I have a Golden Retriever that does NOT like baths and I think this product is his salvation. Thanks!

  2. James T.
    5 out of 5


    I was surprised how well this worked. What a time saver.

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