Refill Pack Cleansing Pads

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The Total Pet Spa cleansing pad refill pack includes 16 extra pads that have the ability to hold even more solution than the standard pet wipe. The refill pack is a smart choice to complement the Total Pet Spa hand grip. The cleaning solution used in the cleansing pads is made from natural ingredients to ensure that it is safe for pets. For certain pet breeds or for active animals, daily use is recommended. The Total Pet Spa cleansing pads are made in the United States and made from natural plant ingredients. When a pad gets dirty or dried out, replacement pads are available. These replacement pads are made from high quality materials but are still affordable.

Daily usage is recommended on most pets.

The Refill Pack of Cleansing Pads includes:

- A 16-count refill pack of cleansing pads


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