Total Pet Spa Kit Directions

Watch the demo video below to learn how to use your Total Pet Spa kit.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Effective Cleaning

Directions Graphic

    1. Attach the brush: Line up the brush attachment to the hand grip. Push in brush attachment until it snaps securely into place.
    2. Brush your pet: Start by brushing your pet using the Total Pet Spa® Brush. This will help loosen dirt and germs trapped in your pet’s coat.
    3. Remove the brush: Press down on the elevated paw print on the hand grip. The hand grip will release the brush attachment. Remove the brush.
    4. Attach cleansing brush: Line up the cleansing brush to the hand grip. Snap the grip securely into place.
    5. Secure the cleansing pad: Lift red ring and center the cleansing pad on the body of hand grip. Push the red ring down to snap into place.
    6. Clean your pet: Brush your pet in a massaging motion. Pad will adjust to contours of the body.
    7. Replace pad: When pad becomes dry, replace it with a new cleansing pad. Continue cleaning your pet until completed.
    8. Clean Up: Lift red ring to remove cleansing pad. Detach cleansing brush from hand grip and rinse the grip under warm water. Allow grip to dry before placing it back into storage.