Myers-Briggs Personality Feline Test (The Cat Personality Test You Didn’t Know You Had to Take)

It’s a very well known fact that cats have distinct personalities. Some cats like to be the life of a party while some cats run away from parties. Breed-type is one factor that can influence your cat’s personality. Some cat breeds, such as the Burmese, are known to be “people-oriented”. Other cat breeds, like the Turkish Van, enjoy water. But no two cat personalities are alike. Due to the lack of scientific soundness behind the Myers-Briggs Test, we’ve determined that the Myers-Briggs Personality Test is also applicable to cats.

Where does your cat fall in the Myer’s Briggs scale? This fun infographic will quickly help you determine your cat’s personality type. 

Please note: The Myers-Briggs Test for Felines is for entertainment purposes only. This test also does little to diagnose bi-polar cat personalities. Based on our experience, we believe all cats exhibit bi-polar tendencies at least 10% of the time.

Myers Briggs Personality Test For Cats

1.       ISTJ-The Inspector 

Pink PantherISTJ personalities rely on facts before jumping to assumptions and are very practical and deadline-oriented.

ISTJ Cat Celebrity: Pink Panther is a French police detective who makes his best efforts to keep a collected demeanor when he finds himself in clumsy situations.


2.       ISFJ-The Protector 


ISFJ personalities are known for their nurturing but pragmatic character. Their altruistic nature induces them to protect.

ISFJ Cat Celebrity: Oliver and his friends, from Oliver and Company, successfully save his owner, Jenny, from her opportunistic kidnapper, Sykes.


3.       INFJ-The Counselor

INFJ-Chesire-CatINFJ personalities are organized, harmonious idealists that seek cooperation.

INFJ Cat Celebrity: The mysterious Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland is far from harmonious or cooperative, but he is widely known to give mischievous, non-sensical counsel to Alice


4.       INTJ-The Mastermind

INTJ-ScarINTJ characters are innovative, independent and strategic characters who’d rather lead private lives.

INTJ Cat Celebrity: One of our favorite Disney villains, Scar strategically masterminds the murder of Simba’s father in the Lion King. He is the quintessential INTJ—albeit a cynical extreme.

5.       ISTP-The Crafter


ISTP characters are natural-born tinkerers who know how to apply their independent analytical skills to resolve mechanical problems.

ISTP Cat Celebrity: Tom and Jerry are notorious arch rivals. Tom is adept at building contraptions to try to catch Jerry, even though he’s unsuccessful.


6.       ISFP-The Composer

ISFP-Hello-KittyISFPs are poetic souls that desire to create beautiful and harmonious environments to fit their sensitive but realistic disposition.

ISFP Cat Celebrity: Hello Kitty took the internet by storm when her creator revealed that she in fact is not a cat. Hello Kitty, whose real name is actually Kitty White, lives in the suburbs of London. She is quite the right-brainer. Her favorite subjects are music, English, and art.


 7.       INFP-The Idealist

GarfieldINFPs are natural-born sensitive mediators that can be creative, idealistic dreamers.

INFP Cat Celebrity: Far from sensitive, Garfield’s best known for his penchant for long naps and sarcasm. He is a natural-born dreamer, though his dreams consist mostly of lasagna.


8.       INTP-The Thinker

Felix the CatINTP characteristics are detail-oriented problem solvers that enjoy intellectual speculation.

INTP Cat Celebrity: Felix the cat first began his debut in the silent-film era and his best known for his acumen.


9.       ESTP-The Promoter

TiggerESTP personality types are oftentimes pragmatic problem solvers and skillful negotiators that ignore rules and social expectations.

ESTP Cat Celebrity: Tigger’s rambunctious nature and zealous enthusiasm best characterizes him as an ESTP. His pep is as bouncy as his tail.


10.   ESFP- The Performer

Mustache CatESFPs enjoy the limelight of attention and are playful, spontaneous characters.

ESFP Cat Celebrity: Hamilton the Hipster Cat became known for his signature mustache and boasts 411k Instagram followers and more than 100,000 followers on Facebook.


11.   ENFP-The Champion

Tony the TigerThese playful personalities enjoy using their spontaneous creativity to start new projects but they can also be independent to a fault.

ENFP Cat Celebrity: Tony the Tiger champions Frosted Flakes Cereal and kids can in fact, agree that “They’re great!”. Sugar-rich cereals tend to create that type of consensus among children.


12.   ENTP- The Visionary

ENTP-Grumpy-CatENTP personalities are value-driven characters that enjoy embarking on new challenges with their inventive but strategic curiosity.

ENTP Cat Celebrity: Grumpy Cat is an internet cat celebrity due to an “under bite and feline dwarfism” and boasts 8 million likes on Facebook. Sadly, he has accomplished more in his lifetime than most of us. He was featured on the Wall Street Journal and recently debuted his Lifetime movie “Grumpy Cats Worst Christmas Ever”.


13.   ESTJ-The Supervisor

ESTJ-Top-CatESTJ personalities are outgoing, analytical and dependable personalities that can effectively bring communities together.

ESTJ Cat Celebrity: The dapper 1960’s character is a leader of a gang who uses his charm to deceive authority.


14. ESFJ-The Provider

MufassaESFJ characters are eager to help and please others as they enjoy being active and productive.

ESFJ Cat Celebrity: As King of the Pride, Mufasa from the Lion King, wise, brave, and powerful ESFJ provider.


15.   ENFJ-The Teacher

Cat In the HatENFJ are diplomatic and caring characters who use their skillful communication skills to connect with people.

ENFJ Cat Celebrity: The Cat in the Hat, one of Dr. Seuss’s most popular children’s story characters, teaches his friends that it’s possible to have fun despite a little rain.


16.ENTJ- The Commander

Puss in BootsENTJ characters are adept at using their independent and ambitious drive to effectively organize peopleIf cats had to organize a coup, they’d excel. Cats have amazing internal GPS systems known as “psi-traveling”.

ENTJ Cat Celebrity: Puss in Boots, originally a literary fairy tale characters, is best known as one of Shrek’s sidekicks to modern audiences. The adorable lothario displays great swordsman skills as depicted by Dreamworks.


Mustache Cat


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