17 Must-Have Tech Gadgets That Will Drive Your Pet Bonkers


Is your pet envious of your tech gadgets? Is your cat addicted to your smart phone? Then your pet is probably craving for some tech toys of his own. Though technology can at times make us unproductive, automated pet toys and smart devices for pets can improve your pet’s quality of life and bring you peace of mind. We’ve identified the latest techie pet toys that we think your pet will love.

1. GPS Tracking Collars

There are a myriad of GPS trackers that attach to the collar of your pet and they are worth the investment when Fido can’t find his way back home. The Trax GPS Personal Tracker is a waterproof tracker that provides the real-time location of your furry friend. One of the most striking features of this device is its use of augmented reality that facilitates locating your pet by using your smart phone as a viewfinder. Though some Amazon reviewers attest that the product can benefit from some improvement, this tracker is definitely worth watching. Users can set up a geofence using their app and receive text alerts when a pet crosses a specific area. As an added bonus, the device can also be used to track children as well.

2. Frolicat Bolt

Exercise your cat’s predatory instincts and entertain your cat with this automatic laser beam. But don’t be fooled by its name, Frolicat also works with dogs. The device automatically turns off after a period of inactivity to conserve battery life. This pet toy will not only drive your cat crazy but will give him the exercise he needs.  Frolicat carries an entire line of automated toys including Frolicat Pounce, and Frolicat Flik. Watch your cat dart back and forth to try to catch the elusive laser beam.

automatic laser for cats

3. Go Pro Fetch Harness

Is your dog the next Spielberg? Make your dog into a movie director and equip him with a Go Pro Fetch Harness and a Go Pro Camera to obtain high resolution footage of your pet’s adventures from his point of view. Go pros withstand a reasonable amount of damage even surviving after being dropped from thousands of feet from the sky.  There are a myriad of other petcams available such as Mr. Petcam or  Eyeanimal Petcam.

4. PetCube
PetCube allows pet owners to monitor their dog’s behavior while they’re away from home. These cameras use Wi-Fi to transmit live feed to a smart device. This device will only monitor one area of a household. If your dog is chewing up on the sofa again, you can send speak commands into your smart phone and he will hear them via PetCube. The device comes with a laser pointer that can be controlled via the app and even allows friends and family to join in on the fun.

Pet Surveillance Camera

5. Mousr

The creators of Mousr, believe that automated toys fail to engage cats because their random movements only mimic prey behavior. To keep a cat truly entertained, Mousr aims to react to the movements of a cat like true prey. Unlike traditional wind up mouse toys, users can remote control the toy. The Bluetooth-enabled device even has the ability to see 360 degree view to help him escape from your cat’s claws.

6. IPet Companion

IPet Companion is a particularly exciting product because it gives us a sneak peek into the future of smart devices in the pet industry. IPet Companion allows users to play with shelter cats from the comfort of their own homes. IPet Companion devices are currently installed in select pet shelters and the device and software platform allows visitors to trigger a toy’s movements using the internet. IPet Companion seems to have dabbled in building a kit for home but there are currently no commercial products available for purchase. Visit the website and try it out for yourself!

IPet Companion

7. Petnet Pet Feeder

The Petnet Pet Feeder is no ordinary automated pet feeder. The Petnet Pet Feeder is a smart device that can feed your dog specific portions using a smart phone app. The unit boasts that it is “the world’s first intelligent smart feeder”.  As long as you have an internet connection, you can feed your pet from any location.

Petnet Feeder

8. PitPat

You can now resist the urge to attach your Fitbit to your cat and purchase him his very own PitPat. PitPat monitors your pet’s activity levels and the app informs you how much activity he should be getting. Unfortunately, the unit is only available for purchase in the UK. But you can sign up for their international waiting list for future updates.

9. Voyce-Health Monitor

Voyce is another wearable for your pet that helps track and record resting heart and respiratory rates. Now, you can supplement his visit to the veterinarian with valuable information and statistics. Medical wearable devices are expected to reach $7.8 billion  by 2020. Voyce is one of the first examples that gives a glimpse into the future of future of medical wearable devices for the pet industry.

10. Clever Pet

We recently gave an example of how to create your very own puzzle toys that will maintain your dog mentally stimulated. But if you’re looking for a battery-operated solution, the Clever Pet is a puzzle toy food dispenser that will challenge your dog for his kibble. The device will at first give your dog simple tasks such as pushing a particular button to dispense food but will gradually increase its difficulty level.

CleverPet — engage idle paws from CleverPet on Vimeo.

11. DogPal Toy

If you’re too lazy to run around with your dog, delegate the task to DogPal Toy. DogPal Toy is a large dog-sized mouse for your canine that is sure to give your dog a work out. The unit easily zips along at a fast 22 mph on flat surfaces but also provides great traction on grass as seen in the video.

 DogPal Remote Controlled mouse for your dog

12. Automatic Pet Door Opener

If your door has a pet door and you’re worried about intruders entering your home, then you should consider purchasing the Automatic Pet Door Opener. Simply attach the sensor included with the kit to your pet, and the door will only open when it senses your pet in close proximity.  Avoid unwanted critters, help keep stray animals out and even improve the security of your home.

Automated Doggy Door

13. Solar Powered Cat Toy

No batteries? No problem! The Solar Powered is cat toy will have your cat frolicking with a toy wand that will dance around using the power of the sun. The unit will rock the wand back and forth and will keep your frisky feline entertained with hours on end!

Solar Powered Cat Toy

14. Bowlingual

Ever wanted to translate your dog’s barks? Bowlingual is a novelty toy that allegedly translates your dog’s bark for a cool $79. The company launched a similar product for cats a few years later. Though the accuracy of this device is tentative at best, you can enjoy the app for free here! Download the feline translator version here!

Dog Translator

15. Tidy Dog

Does your dog leave his toys out everywhere forcing you to pick up after them like your children do? Then it’s time he learns to pick up after himself! The Tidy Dog is a toy bin that rewards your dog with food after he places his toys in the bin. The bin is designed to feel even the drop of the lightest plush toy. But your dog might be able to outsmart the toy dispenser by placing random objects lying around the house to get his treat.

Tidy Dog

16. IFetch for Large Dogs

IFetch is one of the most popular automated pet toys for dogs. Now, dogs are able to play fetch on their own with this nifty contraption. The startup company has now designed the new pod for larger dogs. Though the unit retails for a pricey $199.99, the unit can shoot tennis balls up to 10,25 or 40 feet. The unit also offers a rechargeable battery allowing you take the fun outdoors.

17. Catit Design Senses Massage Center

Give your cat a retreat from his arduous housecat lifestyle and pamper him with the Catit Design Senses Massage Center. This cat-toy is low tech, but it’s still a pretty cool toy.  The Catit Design Senses Massage Center is a non-battery operated glorified scratching post that your cat will love. The massaging center promises to “stimulate your cat’s face” and provide “pressure point paw massage”.

Cat Massage Center

Pawculus Rift

Did you know that virtual reality is now available for your dog? Just kidding! But these guys don’t let the VR world limit their fun. Watch this dog materialize in the virtual reality realm with his very own pet tracker. Watch the hilarious video here!

Virtual reality for dogs

 But you don’t have to splurge your pet with expensive tech gadgets to pamper him. Click here to find out how to boost your pet’s IQ with these simple DIYs.

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