“Ice Water Killing Dogs” post gone viral—What We Learned for This Summer


No one can really predict how a post from 2007 can go viral four years later. But such are the whims of social media sharing. Many dog owners panicked as they read “No Ice Water for Dogs” this weekend which mislead them into believing that ice-water could be deadly for dogs.  This misinformation traveled at lightning speed precisely because dog owners didn’t want to inadvertently kill their companions in their attempt to hydrate them.

But even though veterinarian experts weighed in on the subject and declared ice water safe if consumed in moderation, Went Worth Corgi’s blog chronicles an extreme case meant only to forewarn pet owners about the risks of hydrating dogs cold water when their internal temperature is still too high. Because it’s difficult to tell the internal temperature of a dog, the article still provides valuable information that walks through the steps of cooling a dog in the case of a heat stroke.

For example, the article indicates to hydrate your dog with “Normal water at room temperature, or cool him with with cold towels on the inner thigh…to help cool your dog”. The article also advises to place a wet rag directly on the dog’s body, as well as its foot pads and head.

As dog lovers embark on hikes with their four-legged companions this summer, it’s important to keep in mind that because pets cannot talk, simple awareness of a dog’s anatomy can be enough to prevent an emergency visit to the vet. For example, asphalt can get very hot under direct sunlight and because dogs do not wear shoes like humans, it can burn their paws. The blog itself contains some other useful information such as how to perform CPR on your pet and should not be entirely disregarded because of the critique it has received.

The incidence itself, though perhaps rare, is a careful reminder to not dismiss the real danger of heat strokes in pets. Besides keeping your dog in the shade and providing him with plenty of water, here are 3 more tips that will help keep your dog cool this summer.


 Shave Your Dog Like a Lion

Many dog owners have their dogs shaven during summertime to help them stay cool.  Confirm with your local groomer if he recommends this be done to your particular breed. If leaving your dog bald makes you queasy, you could always consider shaving him like a lion.

Frozen Toys

There are a number of frozen chew toys available online that allow your dog to keep cool. Remember, ice-water within itself is not dangerous to animals.

Doggy Sandals

In case your walking route includes walking your dog on asphalt, consider buying shoes to protect your dog’s food pads. With a myriad of shoes available for your dog, make sure that you choose a light-weight fabric such as mesh, or open toed sandals for the summer months.

And remember to be especially vigilant of your dog this summer.





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