About Us

dog-towelBathless Pet Spa is a leading distributor of Total Pet Spa grooming products and unique pet grooming tools designed to make grooming simple. Pet lovers can find revolutionary grooming products that are both safe and effective to keep your pet clean. Bathless Pet Spa offers high quality items crafted to make any grooming session an enjoyable experience for both pets and pet owners.


The Mission

At Bathless Pet Spa, we are obsessed with pets. That’s why it is our mission to ensure that the well-being of your pet and the environment is our top priority. Our goal is to provide the most revolutionary products that are loved by pet owners and pets alike. Bathless Pet Spa offers innovative and unique pet products, including the Total Pet Spa tools, which transform grooming into a fun and efficient bath-less method. With our selection of pet products, Bathless Pet Spa makes grooming absolutely simple for pet owners.