20 Out-of-the-Box Cardboard Cat Toys that Your Cat Will Love

One man’s box is another cat’s favorite treasure. Internet memes have scientifically proven that cats love cardboard boxes. Lead Cardboard Advocate, Maru the Cat, would suggest you consider re-using your old card-board boxes to create feline-approved cat toys. We’ve compiled a collection of easy-to-make cardboard cat toys and habitats that will keep your cat entertained for hours on end.

1. Cardboard Ball

Even though this cardboard ball is originally designed for pet bunnies, it is suitable for cat-purposes.

Cardboard Ball

2.Toilet Paper Roll Ball

Cut a toilet paper roll into rings and insert them onto each other to create a light-weight ball.

3. Sunshine Toy

Your cat will find the fringe edge of these paper rolls irresistible.

Toilet Paper Cat Toy

       4. Raise Your Cat’s IQ

Give your cat a mental work out and create a puzzle toy with treats. Simply fill an empty tissue box with empty toilet paper rolls, treats, and presto!

DIY Cat Puzzle Toy

5. Slithering Snake

Use three toilet paper rolls to create a creepy crawly that your cat will love to bat around. Add a rattle to make it more interesting!

DIY Cardboard Toy


6. Ready For Cat Cosplay

This cat deserves an Emmy.

Cat Cosplay

7. DIY Cat Scratcher

       Create the purrfect cat scratcher by glueing several pieces of cardboard.

DIY Cat Scratcher

8. Cat Scratching DJ Deck

This project will need more creativity. But you’ll be able to live vicariously through your cool cat.

DIY Cat Toys

9. Peek-A-Boo Box

Stick a ball in one of these contraptions and watch your cat transform into Ninja Kat!

DIY Cat Toys

 Ready for Cat Cosplay?

10.       Hammock Retreat

Ohhh the sight of hammocks, coconut drinks, and pristine beaches. Give your cat the gift of paradise. If you can’t have it, he can.

DIY Cat Hammock

11. 1-Minute Hammock

Or take the easy route and tie a sheet of fabric securely to the legs of a chair.

DIY Cat Hammock

12. Cat Castle

Build your cat a fort, because, why not?

DIY Cat Castle

13. Cityscape Cat Home

Not feeling the Middle Ages? Make your insomniac kitten a replica of “the city that never sleeps”.

DIY Cat Home

14. DIY Kitty Condo

Cardboard concrete form tube is more cat-friendly than you think.

DIY Cat Condo

15. 3…2…1… Blast Off!

Send your cat into an intergalactic space trip with this terrestrial rocket ship. Warning: Martian children subject to take over cat house.

DIY Cat Home

16. The Cat Express

This simple cat tunnel features one peek-a-boo window and hours of cat swatting adventures.

17. Cat Condo Corner

Give your neighbor’s cat apartment-envy with this easy-to-make cat condominium. Just stack a couple of boxes in a corner of your house!

DIY Cat Tree

18. Kitty Cubby

Keep your kittens organized with this cute kitty cubby.

DIY Cat House

19. Got Milk?

The cat milk carton home is a completely rational decision if you’re a milk lover.

DIY Cat Home20. Or Build  Simple But Sassy Cat House

DIY Cat Home

And while all these creative cat residential are awesome, who are we kidding? All you need is a cat and a box:

DIY Cat Toys

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